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This group is for Unschoolers & Autonomous Home Educators in the Maryland area to gather for support and friendship.
We meet on a monthly basis to have coffee and tea, and get to know other unschooling families. We are a secular group in nature.
If you are homeschooling, and are interested about unschooling, what it is, what it means, please feel free to email me about anything.
To join this group, send a message to the moderator with your name and email address;

Our Mission

Unschooling is about child led, non-coercive education. Unschooling parents trust their children to know what is best with their education and help facilitate their children with their education.
Unschooling is often described as a way of life, and learning through living life.
A few websites that may be of interest;
This site will also tell you of other support groups, and has message boards as well as an email group for support.
TCS is an educational philosophy. Its most distinctive feature is the idea that it is possible and desirable to bring up children entirely without doing things to them against their will, or making them do things against their will, and that they are entitled to the same rights, respect and control over their lives as adults.
The way adults tend to learn things is the way people best learn--by asking questions, looking things up, trying things out, and getting help when it's needed. That's the way pre-school kids learn too (maybe minus the looking things up), and it is the way "school-age" kids can/should learn as well. Learning is internal. Teachers are lovely assistants at best, and detrimental at worst. "Teaching" is just presentation of material. It doesn't create learning. Artificial divisions of what is "educational" from what is considered NOT educational, and things which are "for kids" from things which are NOT for kids don't benefit kids or adults. Finding learning in play is like the sun coming out on a dank, dark day.

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To become a member of this group, please email me with your name and email address, as well as a short bio about yourself.
Membership is free. This is a very relaxed group, participate as much as you are comfortable with.
Once you are a member, your bio will be sent on to the entire group as an introduction.

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